Advise VW AG on multiple matters arising out of the emissions issue

Our Firm has been retained by VW AG as the local member of a global team to advise the VW Group on all aspects (administrative, litigation, regulatory) in relation to the emissions’ issue. The wide and diversified scope of the mandate is a challenge.

Distribution networks in the automobile industry

The firm has been retained by a leading European car manufacturer to provide advice and insight on the legal framework regulating Greek car dealers’ rights upon termination of the dealerships as well as on the restructuring of its Greek distribution network.

Ongoing advice to real estate agents

We have been providing ongoing advice to a Greek real estate agent aiming to expand its business in the Asian and the Arabic market, by drafting various types of commercial agreements and also advising the client on the terms and strategy of such expansion. We have also registered the client’s business logo with the national competent IP registry, as well as drafted its business site’s legal disclaimer.